A million different uses. Well almost. We believe that everything you take camping should serve more than just one purpose, especially if it's as unwieldly as recovery tracks.

They often get left at home because they take up too much space and because we won't be needing them on this trip anyway. Your better half will of course make you eat your words the moment you get bogged down.

Muputrax are your multi-purpose recovery solution, rendering redundant a whole array of camping and 4x4 gear.
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Vehicle Recovery
High Lift Jack Base
Camp Shower Base
Camping Bench and Table
Muddy Hill Climbs
Step Stool
3-year warranty.
We use only highest quality materials, such as fibre-reinforced polymers, 6063-T5 marine grade aluminium and SS316 surgical grade stainless steel. No wonder we are so confident in our products and our warranty reflects this. Click here for warranty details.
Levelling Ramps
Clear Obstacles in Style
Fridge & Genset Stand
Camp Path
Loading Ramps for Bikes and Quads
Bridging Ramps
Clothes Line
Canine Camper Cot
Storage Bag
What's in the Box?
At only a fraction of the cost of the items they replace, Muputrax represent unbeatable value for money!